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The major objective of LIFE eGymer is to demonstrate the effectiveness and viability of an innovative trapping and monitoring system for the gypsy moth, an insect that causes huge environmental problems both in natural habitats and in semi-urban and recreational areas of cities. The proposed system combines state-of-the-art solutions used to control the gypsy moth but also integrates modern technologies for continuous monitoring of the species’ population in different EU countries and climate zones, where traditional applications are either impracticable and/or financially non-viable. Moreover, it aims to reduce the quantities of plastic wasted within the manufacturing process by using recyclable materials as well as to reduce their overall cost.

The gypsy moth

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Subcommittee on National Plant Health Surveillance National Surveillance Protocol For Spongy and Nun Moth (Lymantria spp.)

Microsoft Word – NSP2 V1.0 Spongy and nun moth Lymantria spp. 100223 (

Trunk trap installation in the forests Ginjevec and Murska šuma in NE Slovenia

On April 20, 3 types of trunk traps were set up in the forests Ginjevec and Murska šuma in NE Slovenia to monitor the seasonal …

13th Seminar and Workshop on Forest Protection in Šoštanj

On April 19, 2023, at the 13th seminar and workshop on forest protection in Šoštanj, Stanislav Trdan presented the LIFE eGYMER project and the results …

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